High quality Cast Film Lines, Plastic Film Lines and Cast Extrusion Lines

Markets and Industries

SIMCHENG offers a wide range of products such as Cast Film Lines, Plastic Film Lines, Cast Film Machines, Cast Extrusion Lines, BOPP Film Lines and Key Spares for industrial applications and for many different customers in a large variety of industries. Our customers produce top quality film of all types using PP, PET, PA, PE, PET-G, EVA, PLA, PVC, PVA, PVB, COC, TAC and many other polymers. SIMCHENG offers various manufacturing methods for different types of films with a wide thickness range, as well as special products, such as synthetic paper, multilayer films, capacitor films, films for thermoforming, films for optical applications and many more.

Soft Package for food

Safety Glass for Buildings

Automatic and Safety Glass

New Energy

SIMCHENG Innovation leads the future

SIMCHENG Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd is an equipment manufacturing enterprise serving five main industries: Soft Food Packaging, Automotive and Safety Glass for Buildings, New Energy, Hygienic Materials and Environmental Film. The main production includes: CPP and CPE, EVA solar battery encapsulation, PVB automotive glass interlayer, high-barrier multilayer co-extrusion film lines, and BOPP biaxial oriented film lines.

Through constant improvement and establishment of national standards, we provide advanced technology and high-end equipment for the cast film industry.

We aim to make “Made in China” an international brand!



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